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Engaging and Empowering Staff

Employees are an organization‘s greatest asset and frequently an untapped resource for innovation and improvement. Building on the adage that “those who do the work are the best at improving the work,” Lisa Leary Consulting uses solution-focused coaching to empower and engage staff. Using evidenced-based practices for motivation and engagement, your employees can become successful change agents who joyfully (yes, joyfully!) contribute to the health and success of your organization.

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Workshops and Training

Customized workshops and trainings are a great way to build an organization’s capacity for change. Using real cases and real data, individuals learn through experience and in collaboration with colleagues and peers. The method is collaborative, interactive and integrates best practices including principles of adult learning.

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Coaching Leaders for Change

Leading change can be challenging. Leaders may lack time as well as experience to support organizational change. These limitations can result in change fatigue, burn-out and wasted resources. However, engaging in a coaching relationship that builds on strengths while developing skills and tools for continued professional growth, leaders will be able to spearhead successful change efforts that are productive, efficient and will have staff declaring victory and celebrating success.

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Process Improvement

Well-designed work processes support organizational operations, including greater efficiency, reliability and quality and value of services. Without intentional design these same processes can result in unnecessary delays, rework and frustration. The good news is that with a professional assessment, including evaluation, diagnosis and redesign, you can start paving the way for greater work efficiency with less strife and more joy. Yes, you can have better results by working smarter, not harder!

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Using Data Effectively

Data holds the key to your success. Data inform strategy, interpret programmatic results, impact and effectiveness. Data can be a powerful communication tool for staff as well as funders and other stakeholders. But too often the data are overly complex, or under-utilized and reported. The good news is it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t be) complicated! Creating user-friendly data dashboards and other simplified approaches to data collection and evaluation can transform your improvement initiatives and propel you towards your organizational goals.

Lisa strives for perfection and accomplishments follow quickly behind her. She has proven to be a tremendous asset to our organization. She was instrumental in helping our organization exceed all expectations!
Peter McNally
CEO, Jackson Purchase Medical Associates
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