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Engaging and Empowering Staff icon

Engaging and Empowering Staff

Evidenced-based practices to motivate and engage staff as successful change agents.

Workshops and Training icon

Workshops and Training

Build capacity for change and improvement through Interactive, experiential learning.

Change Management Facilitation icon

Coaching Leaders for Change

Cultivate strategy to ensure leaders have skills, tools and support to manage meaningful change.

Process Improvement icon

Process Improvement

Evaluate, assess and design workflows for optimal efficiency, reliability and quality of services.

Using Data Effectively icon

Using Data Effectively

Use data as a powerful communication tool for staff, funders and other stakeholders.

Lisa brings forward practical and insightful recommendations to the work of quality improvement. Through her leadership and teamwork we have been able to create a roadmap to change that has had a significant impact on our business.
Kathy Dodsworth-Rugani, PhD
Executive Director, Rutgers Project ECHO
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